Water in – Diepsloot, Sth Africa, 2014

March 12th, 2014

In 1985 after a few months of the first UPK work (that has led to the Housing for Health program), central Australian health service director Yami Lester noted the work needed most to improve health could be summed up as “water in- shit out”. 29 years later on the other side of the world those words still hold true.

After months of preparation works have commenced on improving toilets and water access in Diepsloot. Step one is getting water in. This involves installing water isolation valves (stop valves) to enable the water supply to the toilet and tap point to be disconnected and allow maintenance. Basic YES, available in the current toilets NO.

With the cooperation of Johannesburg Water, the mains water supply was turned off for several hours to allow the works to be completed. Pipes were cut and valves installed.

Action Man

Mathebule cutting the pipe to install the stop valve and meter (below)

Stop Valve And Meter

To keep track on the use of the toilets and assist maintenance and the evaluation of the new taps and toilet cistern, water meters have been fitted to each toilet and tap point.


Jack + Ciaran and Shane + Mathebule = on the tools training by the WorldSkill plumbers 

The Wassup Team

The WASSUP team 

Threading Pipe

Mathebuke and Lerato threading pipes 

Great team work by WASSUP and training on the tools by the two WorldSkill plumbers, Shane and Ciaran, has meant the project is well on schedule. Keep checking news items for ongoing progress and have a look at the WASSUP Facebook site.  https://www.facebook.com/WASSUP.Diepsloot