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In 1985, the three directors of Healthabitat were challenged to “stop people getting sick” in a small indigenous community in South Australia. In this sparky, interactive talk, architect and HH director Paul Pholeros shares the work of Healthabitat, which works to reduce poverty through practical design fixes — in Australia and beyond.

Housing for Health: THE GUIDE

In October 2013, Healthabitat launched Housing for Healththe guide, a free online resource that provides practical guidance to ensuring housing and environments that instil the healthy living practices. Used since the late 1980s in central Australia, these principles, and the guide is now available to anyone working in the building, housing and health sectors to ensure living environments “stop people getting sick”. Below are some videos produced during the launch at the Fred Hollows Foundation.

For more videos about the guide by Simon J Forbes click here.

Housing For Health the guide, Partners

By Simon J Forbes

Brian Doolan – CEO The Fred Hollows Foundation

By Simon J Forbes

Brian Doolan speaks about the history and importance of “health hardware” to the advancement of health.

Dr. Norman Swan launching Housing for Health, the Guide

By Simon J Forbes

Norman speaks about: linking crap houses to health, starting a new housing conversation, community involvement and the house as an essential part of health.

The universal impact of The Healthy Living Practices Dr. Paul Torzillo – Director, Healthabitat

By Simon J Forbes

Speaking about the local and universal impact of the Healthy Living Practices. More detail about the health impacts of the HLP’s click here.


How a Septic tank works

by Judith Torzillo

A tool developed to help explain how a septic tank works to our local partners in Nepal that has gone on to be used in many projects.


The Village Sanitation Program Nepal

by Simon J Forbes

The Program was initiated in 2007 by a team including a public health dentist, local Nepali health NGO and a village committee. With strong local involvement and the direct support of village families by many international families, the program has provided toilets, water, wastewater treatment and biogas to three villages.

How plumbers improve water quality and health

By Simon J Forbes

With the financial support of the WorldSkills Foundation, and the endorsement of the World Plumbing Council, IAPMO and RMIT University, two highly skilled and passionate plumbers work alongside the Nepali local plumbing team on the Village Sanitation Program. They share skills and a laugh whilst improving the quality of rainwater used for cooking, drinking and hand washing.


By WorldSkills

Members of the Healthabitat Sanitation Studio 2013 discuss key learning points from the experience, and how WorldSkills can best develop and support similar projects in future.

Sanitation Studio NEPAL: Design

By WorldSkills

Members of the Healthabitat Sanitation Studio 2013 explain some of their small, smart and simple innovations for designing toilets, rainwater systems and drainage suited to the remote Nepalese mountain environment.

Sanitation Studio NEPAL: A Casual Day at the Office

By WorldSkills

WorldSkills International Plumbing & Heating Chief Expert Grant Stewart shares sights and sounds from Dhulikhel, Nepal — the location of the Healthabitat Sanitation Studio, 2013.

Community Plumbing Challenge, 2015: Nashik, India.

Produced in collaboration between students and staff of the School of Science and Technology, Singapore, and Autodesk Student Experts from the DSK International Campus in Pune, India.

Design, Construction, Education: Action for Public Health.

Community Plumbing Challenge 2015 was an initiative of The IAPMO Group and World Plumbing Council, hosted and facilitated by the Indian Plumbing Association, and sponsored by WorldSkills Foundation. It ran between 2–5 November 2015 at Maha Nagar Palika School 125 in Nashik, India, welcoming four international Teams (from Australia, Basque Country, India and USA) representing skilled trades across the Plumbing, Engineering, Construction and Design sectors.

“We are Team School 125.”

Produced by Media studies students at the School of Science and Technology, Singapore.

Community Plumbing Challenge 2015, Nashik India. This video tells the story of their week together and was produced in collaboration between students and staff of the School of Science and Technology, Singapore, and Autodesk Student Experts from the DSK International Campus in Pune, India

Construction Week: Community Plumbing Challenge 2017

Hosted from 8 to 15 November 2017 by SDN Cicau 02, Cikarang, Bekasi (West Java), Indonesia, and presented by PT. IAPMO Group Indonesia, IWSH (the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation), and the World Plumbing Council.