Starting work in Diepsloot Sth Africa

March 11th, 2014

WorldSkills plumbers and the local WASSUP team started work on the Diepsloot Sanitation project in Johannesburg. 

Day 1 involved briefings form the local WASSUP team, a final check of each of the 20 toilets having work done and then making a detailed work plan for each toilet and then off around the town for final materials purchasing.

Everyone is holding their collective breath as the project that was scoped in December last year and workshopped in Sydney recently finally starts on the ground. All the preparation was evident – all the larger materials have been pre-purchased and detailed design work developed for trying to improve what is a very, very difficult problem for those living in Diepsloot and the WASSUP team who have the impossible daily task of keeping sub-standard toilet and water supply infrastructure working.

The two WorldSkill plumbers (right) helped by two members of the WASSUP team (centre) assemble detailed materials lists and a work plan for each toilet, whilst the local community continued to use these essential facilities.

Day 1 Assessment Copy