Toilet blocks underway for Thangpal Dhap School NEPAL

December 7th, 2016

Work is well underway on the new toilets, hand washing and tooth brushing areas for Thangpal Dhap School, boosted with the arrival of volunteer ex-WorldSkills champions; bricklayer / trainer Sam Spong, and plumbers / trainers Gerard Allen and Adam Koenigs.

Given its remote location sourcing local skilled trades was difficult, which is where the three international skills champions have played a pivotal role, providing valuable on the job training for the local team. Building a strong resilient team has always been at the core of HH and HHOS work, and its hoped that the local team that have worked on this project can be utilised for future projects.

Constructed to the plans produced by the HH University of Newcastle Sanitation Studio, the completed work will be a major environmental health boost for the school, alleviating the queues at the existing failing toilet block, replacing the dysfunctional septic system, and providing drinking, tooth brushing and handwashing facilities where currently none exist.

Work is on-budget and ahead of schedule, and will be completed and in-use by mid-December 2016. Conversion of the existing toilet blocks to showers will be completed in February 2017.

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