Reece Grant awarded to Andrew Whalan

December 1st, 2016

Congratulations to Andrew Whalan who was selected as one of this year’s Reece Grant Recipient. The Reece Grant awards up to $25,000 every year to support community water projects in Australia and abroad aiming to improve the quality of life within underprivileged communities by supporting their customers in undertaking projects to provide clean water or improve sanitation. The $7,000 grant was donated by Reece to HH O/S Thangpal Dhap School Sanitation and Health project which is currently underway in Nepal.

The Reece grant will go towards the plumbing materials needed to complete the two toilet blocks and will help with the training for maintenance and upskilling of local people to keep facilities working well. Being so remote, there are no skilled trades and this training will help keep the facilities well maintained. HH O/S is assisting the local Nepali team in building 2 new toilet blocks with 4 toilet cubicles each, handwashing and tooth brushing facilities, repairing and converting the existing failing toilet block into 2 showers for the students and greater community.

Andrew is a plumber based in Goulburn NSW who has worked with Healthabitat O/S on a few Sanitation projects in Nepal over the past three years. He is committed to working with the Nepalese community and keeping the work continuing. Gerard Allen, another Australian plumber based in Canberra, is at Thangpal Dhap working with the team now. Well done Andrew and thank you Reece for supporting the project!

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