INTERVIEW: NT Shelter interview Dr Simon Quilty

NT Shelter interviews Dr Simon Quilty as a part of Homelessness Week 2022 (1-7 Aug).

With over 20 years working in remote medicine in the NT, Dr Quilty regularly experiences the link between poor health and inadequate housing.

Listen to the interview here

With a background in public health, engineering and practise as a remote specialist physician in the NT, Dr Quilty in this interview shares great insights in to the realities of the link between crowding and health and inadequate housing/ general concerns over the changing climate and health for indigenous communities.


Key Moments

From 26mins on, Dr Quilty talks in depth about details of inadequate house design  and the requirement for a paradigm shift for improved accountability …“the average 3-bedroom remote home is costing the NT Government around about $900,000 per house”.

Healthabitat and the importance of functioning Health Hardware and improved health is talked about from 29mins.



Active in research, Dr Quilty is also responsible for contributing to current, important research and increasing the dialogue around climate, housing, energy and Indigenous health.

Key research by Dr Quilty on these topics include: