Mud, sweat and water

November 1st, 2013

The Sanitation Project in Bangladesh proceeds well despite a very late wet season and a high water table that made progress difficult.

The key part of this project, agreed by all at the July workshop, is the removal of human waste safely. The 2 prototype wash and toilet areas are testing 2 types of in-ground septic tank treatment systems.

The high water table and late torrential rains meant excavation collapse, lost concrete work, the need for a pump and lost time.

Thanks to backing by Worldskills Foundation and the help of two Worldskill champions Daniel (Ireland and plumbing) and Troy (Australia and bricklaying), the conditions were overcome and works continued.

SAFE will continue to complete the project and a report on the works will be provided soon.

Some glimpses of the conditions and the exciting works completed are shown below.


After the rains, pumping out the septic tank excavation.

Septic And Soak   Bailing Out Ring System

The two types of septic tanks being trialled, (the brick rectangular system and the concrete ring system) still under construction and surrounded by mud.

Weaving Roof

Bamboo reinforcing for wall and roof panels being woven before being placed in the form/mould.

Roof Completed

A completed bamboo reinforced roofing panel, still attached to the mould.