Maintenance: Housing for Health for Diepsloot

The ZA Sanitation Project for Diepsloot was started in collaboration with local resident group WASSUP and Sticky Solutions and Worldskills Foundation to repair and upgrade existing toilets in Dieplsoot. Most are in disrepair from a lack of any funding for routine maintenance. Given each unit is used by approx. 200 people, the design and installation of these units need to be upgraded to be appropriate for their service to the residents of Deipsloot. To date, 58 toilets have been upgraded under this program.

If routine maintenance is not carried out on the toilets the longevity of these upgrades will fall into disrepair. During the recent CPC challenge in July, it was agreed to trial a 3 month maintenance program on the 8 toilet units upgraded during this event. Guided by the Housing for Health principles -, a survey followed by routine maintenance (fix work) will be carried out by WASSUP. The items surveyed and fixed will be recorded on survey sheets and the data will be able to be used for reporting and analysis.

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The WASSUP team during the CPC. Image courtesy: IWSH/IAPMO