Fix work compared

September 22nd, 2011

So when the NT Intervention kicked off with a bang, the federal government of the time shouted about the Community Clean Up project. This project was to survey and fix houses around the NT.  HH was asked to participate but when the scope of the fix work was less than clear and the time lines required ‘instant work everywhere’ we declined. Well the project proceeded, and the $80m budget originally advertised was obviously a mistake. Given the government’s own website version of the fix work done, we are convinced the cost was wrong OR this was a very, very, very expensive survey.  Oh and by the way …….what ever happened to the data collected? No one HH has ever spoken to in any Indigenous community visited has ever seen any data. 

HH is happy to publish here the real costs of the program, the fix work that was completed and a sample of the data collected and how it was used. 

Any trades that worked on the program let us know what you did….happy to hear a good news story.

See the comparison between the recently completed Fixing Houses for Better Health 9 program (cost around $6m) and the stated fix work from the Community Clean Up program (real cost unknown?). see Fix work compared