First House Complete – Nepal Earthquake rebuilding

October 26th, 2016

The first house in Bhattedanda Village using the new earthquake structural banding system is complete.

Built reusing the stone and mud salvaged from Sundar & Nima’s collapsed house, with the additional steel reinforcing and concrete banding provided by the HH O/S and RAWCS subsidy, this new house provides a structurally safe and affordable option for families desperate to rebuild.

HH O/S will now work with the village to evaluate the lessons learnt during the rebuild of this critical first house, and start the planning process for the next rebuilds. Helping villagers to train a strong resilient team, following the success of the Bhattedanda toilet construction team is a critical next step.

For Sundar and Nima this is more than just a house. It gives them a sense of confidence about the future, a safe place to rebuild their lives after the trauma of the earthquake, and a home to raise their newborn son Nirbess.

David Donald (HH O/S Program Manager) & Bishnu Shrestha (Nepal Project Manager)

Click here to download the report during the build works.


Sundar and Nima & baby Nirbess

20160920 132908

House under construction with banding in place.