Christian Tietz’s ‘health hardware’ win

September 21st, 2012

“Inappropriate design of basic housing and health hardware has contributed to poor health and environmental outcomes for Indigenous communities.

 As a designer for over 20 years, and now a PhD researcher, Christian Tietz has a long term commitment to improving the design of “health hardware” – ranging from sink tops to ovens – to make it relevant to the needs of remote Indigenous communities. 

In close consultation with these communities Christian has designed many creative solutions including the highly successful “drum oven” that provides robust outdoor cooking facilities.”

The Healthabitat team applaud Christian’s success and the endorse the value of his work over many, many years to improve the living conditions and health of Indigenous Australians. 

Christian’s work is on display in the Healthabitat exhibition in the Australian pavilion at the Venice Architectural Biennale and a brief list of the projects developed or improved by Christian for Healthabitat is set out below…more details of this work can be found on the Healthy Living Products page of this site:

Shower laundry toilet module design (version 1)

Kitchen design (version 1)

Washing machine trial, review and recommendations for better components 

Kitchen components 

Light Fittings


Doors, locks, security, ventilation and fire egress 

Stove trial, design , monitoring, evaluation

Training boards for local community staff training (being used in the intro photo to this news story)

Yard area design, Yardmaster 

Several student projects related to health hardware 


Tietz And Big Screen

Tietz And Hadid 

Christian receives the award from Samah Hadid, the National Director of the Global Poverty Project