Worldskills Foundation support

The Foundation agreed to support 4 international projects in July this year and the first project to commence on site is the Sanitation project, with 2 pro to-type wash and toilet buildings, in Bangladesh.

With local partner SAFE, the works have proceeded under unseasonal rain conditions. Thanks to a great contribution from Worldskill champions Troy Everett (Australia) and Daniel Rattigan (Ireland) the project has transferred bricklaying and pluming skills to the local team and, at the same time Troy and Daniel learnt a lot about local building techniques, and the complexity of making systems that will adequately dispose of human waste safely in areas of high rainfall, high water table and extremely low incomes.

The final results of the work will be posted here soon but until then, have a look at the Worldskill site for more about Daniel and Troy.

Daniel And Troy Daniel (left) and Troy, on site in Bangladesh, roll a newly cast septic tank lid into position (or have they just invented the wheel!!!)