Sago Studio 2019 PNG – applications open!

November 12th, 2018

Sago Network has been working for a number of years in partnership with local communities throughout Australia’s closest neighbour, Papua New Guinea, to tackle the community development challenge of improving village health through water and sanitation programmes. Overall village health and child mortality rates in particular, are greatly affected by illness that stem from inadequate water and sanitation facilities and our work seeks to make a small but steady contribution to exploring how things can improve.

Sago Network’s community programmes often invite Australian and Papua New Guinean university students to get involved and applications are currently open for Australian architecture students to apply to join the team for Sago Studio 2019. The studio will run for 2 weeks from late January 2019 and will work with the Papua New Guinean village of Barakau to undertake three distinct but inter-related projects:
A Master-Planning Team will develop an overarching spatial framework for how the traditional stilt house village of Barakau can integrate various ideas for potential future water and sanitation infrastructure.

A second Research Team will develop a detailed understanding of the social, demographic, economic and aspirational dimensions of the Barakau community to directly inform the work of the Master-Planning Team.

A third Education Team will develop the graphic and communication strategy for a series of hygiene workshops that aim to improve health and hygiene awareness and practices.

Students from various universities have previously enjoyed discovering the vibrant culture of Papua New Guinea with Sago Network while also making a significant contribution to the team’s efforts to achieve incremental but sustained advances to water and sanitation development. We’d encourage you to forward this invitation on to any students you are in contact with who you believe might be interested in applying to join the Sago Studio 2019 team.

The application process is currently live and students have until 19th November 2018 to submit their applications.

Full details, including the application process, are available via the Sago Studio 2019 tab of our website

An exciting community programme in Papua New Guinea awaits for those keen to get involved!

Sago Studio 2019 Invitation To Architecture Students