Sago Studio 2018 – Applications now open!

Sago Network have released the details of their upcoming sanitation design, construction and research studio to be held in Papua New Guinea in January and February of 2018. Applications are now open for students enrolled in Australian and Papua New Guinean universities who are looking for hands-on, real-world experience in a cross-cultural working environment.

Two communities outside of Port Moresby will host Sago Studio 2018, where teams of students will collaborate on a series of projects aimed at improving village sanitation, and the subsequent wellbeing of local residents. Three projects are slated for this year’s Studio, which will build on the success of
projects from previous years.

A new Learning Centre is planned for Tutu beach, which will house a library of documents related to the birth of PNG as a nation in 1975. One team of students will work closely with the local politician, Dame Carol Kidu, to develop this scheme by conducting extensive site surveys and master-planning exercises in order to locate all on-site facilities. Another team will construct two new dehydration toilets for a hands-on construction experience at these facilities. Another project will take place in Hanuabada, the floating stilt village. Here students will work closely with the local community to first analyse the complex built environment, in order to then develop effective sanitation strategies suitable for an informal and unique urban typology.

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Sago Network are a not-for-profit team of architects and community development professionals with close ties to Healthabitat, and we encourage undergraduate students of architecture to make the most of this opportunity. Classroom learning cannot be compared with working in the field, and Sago Studio 2018 offers a formative experience for anyone eager to see their design skills put to use in ways that benefit the health and wellbeing of people, in keeping with the core principles of Sago Network’s rigorous methodology. Applicants should be enthusiastic about working collaboratively in a team, and be prepared for experiences involving construction, design-thinking, and cross-cultural communication. Students can also apply to their universities for credit points, with participants from previous years having successfully done so.

For all further details and application information, visit the Sago Network website.