NEWS: IWSH Completes New Plumbing Training Facility in Navajo Nation

IWSH completes new training facility for Navajo Nation’s first dedicated plumbing training program

IAPMO and the IWSH foundation have been strong supporters of HH’s international work in Nepal and South Africa.


Learn more about the facility here.


IWSH have recently finished the construction and setup of the new plumbing classroom and wetlab along with the course itself at the Navajo Technical University in New Mexico.


“It’s the first plumbing program of its kind for the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners region. The class and wet lab will help provide students with hands-on, practical learning, which can help develop a skilled workforce that can support future water and sanitation services in these communities.”

– IWSH North American Program Director Randy Lorge


Housing throughout Navajo Nation has historically been known for its plumbing poverty where  ‘An estimated one in 10 Indigenous Americans lack access to safe tap water or basic sanitation…” . The new plumbing course at NTU will give students the valuable skills to help many households fix these poor plumbing issues and improve safe access to clean water, including local employment opportunities.


Healthabitat congratulates the 6 students beginning the program and the fundamentally important local training and employment opportunities this facility will create.


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