Maintaining Indigenous houses in South Australia

March 9th, 2012

An interesting interview with one of the people charged with delivering these services to a remote location in the remote northern region of South Australia is attached.

HH has underlined the attached file transcribing an interview with SA Housing

We wonder about the quality of houses inherited by SA Housing. Were they in bad condition? How were they assessed? How many new houses (or recently built) form part of the 450 houses to be maintained? 

Has the $2.8m of maintenance money spent this financial year run out? 

The $2.8m would mean around $6,000 per house per annum, less than being spent in the suburban town camps of Alice Springs and less than the average spend per house during a Housing for Health project ($7,500).

How is the $2.8m spent … administration, reporting, trades, travel, financial management etc? Does 75% of each $ spent end up in a house as maintenance work?

Also interesting is after the supposed transition of Indigenous housing from the federal to state governments last year how the shadow of federal government control and housing standards looms large in this interview. 

So… who is in charge of Indigenous housing quality and function?