Maintaining TOILETS for better health

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Following the three-month trial of a maintenance program in Diepsloot carried out by local group WASSUP. HH O/S, Sticky Situations and IAPMO are back in the paddock to train the team in plumbing maintenance and data collection for an expanded maintenance trial of all 101 toilets upgraded to date across Diepsloot, Without on-going follow up maintenance, improvements made to people’s lives through access to functioning water and sanitation can be short lived. The aim is to demonstrate the improvements in health, and the savings in money that can be achieved through a small, on-going well managed maintenance program.

Borrowed from the Australian
Maintaining Houses for Better
program carried out in communities across Australia to ensure all survey-fix work in houses kept its function, HH O/S has adapted the same survey-fix process for the toilets in Diepsloot, hence dubbed the Maintaining Toilets for Better Health program.

HH O/S is very happy to see principles and methodologies developed for poor communities in Australia are also benefiting Diepsloot residents. Stay tuned for project reports and results.

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Photos: David Donald – Healthabitat O/S Program Manager