Launching of ideas: living in the yard

The exhibition was conceived and constructed by Christian Tietz, Greg Norman and Tasman Munro and set out designs that will allow the use of the yard area around houses to be ‘furnished’ as living rooms.

Just as the rooms of a house need to be furnished for living, so outside areas require the same careful attention and link to the way people live.

This has been repeatedly requested by Indigenous people involved in Housing for Health projects over 20 years and is a key principle in the National Indigenous Housing Guide to reduce the negative impacts of crowding.

The current National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing program seems so concerned with the number of houses built, the yard areas and living seem to have been forgotten. We hope the ideas in this exhibition can inspire a change of direction in the large national program and put the emphasis back on the living and not house numbers.

Get to the exhibition and look at the detail of the Yardmaster

Yardmaste Remail