Indigenous housing quality in South Australia

April 21st, 2012

According to the ‘contract’ between the Australian and South Australian governments under the $5.5 billion National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing, all houses shall comply with the Australian Building Code, Australian Standards and the National Indigenous Housing Guide: 3rd edition Dart 3 Appendix pages 287-299.  Additionally all specific state standards (plumbing and drainage, Ministers specification etc) shall also be applicable.

Careful reading of the link to the NIHG above notes ONLY the section that links the Guide to the Build Code and Australian Standards ….. a very circular reference and way to avoid the contents of the Guide. HH notes that the Section D Appendix specified DOES link to all the sections of the Guide and therefore incorporates the design / specification intent and detail of the National Indigenous Housing Guide: 3rd edition.

There is also the guarantee of a Quality Assurance Program, agreed by the parties to the agreement, to ensure housing quality.

Healthabitat has been asked by some Indigenous residents in South Australia to have a look at the quality of completed housing. We will be applying the standards noted above and reporting back … stay tuned for the results very soon.

Extract Sa Nparia