HH Speaks – Melbourne Design Week 2020 Symposium -postponed

March 12th, 2020


HH’s 9 Healthy Living Practices

“This is not a wicked problem”: Healthabitat is making housing better for Australia’s Indigenous communities.

Healthabitat has been asked to speak at the upcoming National Gallery of Victoria’s Melbourne Design Week 2020 symposium.  Organised by Foreground, the theme is “Transforming landscapes: Designing the healthy city”.

When: 19 March 2020

Where: National Gallery of Victoria

Interested?: Book Here


From the organiser;

 “First we shape our buildings, then they shape us, runs the well-worn aphorism. As an increasingly large body of evidence demonstrates, though, urban environments do have immense power to transform us – mentally, physically and socially, for the better and for the worse.

In this symposium hosted in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and VicHealth, Foreground brings together design and health experts from around the world  to explore the role of landscape architecture, urban design and planning in making healthful urban environments.”

Dr Paul Torzillo will link in from Sydney speaking for Healthabitat on health and the work of HH over the past three decades developing pragmatic, evidence-driven solutions to health problems in some of Australia’s most disadvantaged areas.

Foreground interviewed Paul in its recent publication. To read full article click here.

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