Griffith University Design students support Nepal

November 22nd, 2015

A group of design students from Griffith University, that worked in Nepal early in 2015, organised a night of food and friends to help support Nepal.

Thanks to all involved – staff, students, friends, family and those who came along and contributed to the people of Nepal.

The students have already contributed by travelling to Nepal in early 2015 and working hard, using their design skills, to improve a rural school.  

The design work completed by these students and others from the University of Newcastle early in 2015, aimed at improving the sanitation facilities at the Jalapadevi School in Nepal. Construction work on Stage 1  (the girl’s facility) will soon be completed. The second stage of the works (the boy’s facility and school tooth brushing area) will commence before the end of 2015 (fuel willing in Nepal).

The principles developed by the student teams were used as the core for improving sanitation facilities in an Indian school that was the theme of the  Community Plumbing Challenge recently completed in Nashik.