2x2x2 Water Challenge for Ethiopia | BRISBANE

Following the first of the 2x2x2 challenges held in Sydney, the second competition was hosted by Griffith University (GU) in Brisbane with participant students from Design Futures (GU) and medical students of the group Towards International Medical Equality (TIME) University of Queensland (UQ).

Taking on lessons from the Sydney challenge, the four groups built from what was attempted and tested some new ways in which we can wash hands and faces on less than 2 Litres per person, per day. The range of complexity in systems varied from very simple to complex, and again the judges were looking for both systems that worked on the day as well as ideas that could be built upon with further testing (although may not have worked).

In Brisbane the Judges included:

Jennifer Taylor Architect

James Conner Architect & Planner

Dr. Sandra Meihubers Dentist, Teeth & Toilets

Kevin O’ Brien Architect

Susan Ellison Architect

Paul Bardini Industrial Designer

Clare Carroll CEO Straddie Camping QLD

Dr Eleni Kalantidou, Griffith University 


All the teams for their ability to work and learn with those from other disciplines, for their thinking work and effort producing proto-type solutions,
The University staff and tutors who volunteered their time and the facilities of Griffith University,
Medical students of the group Towards International Medical Equality (TIME) University of Queensland
To the judges for their time, expertise and encouragement of good ideas,
Dr Eleni Kalantidou for coordinating the event and providing an end of event feast for all the participants,
Dr Eleni Kalantidou, & Sandra Meihubers for photographs of the event.

Click here to download the report illustrating the results from each team.

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