Community Plumbing Challenge 2017 – Design Week

September 25th, 2017

What can 7 Plumbers, 4 Architects, 2 Engineers and a Project Manager achieve in a week? – a heck of a lot!

The 2017 Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) run by HH O/S partner International Water Safety and Hygiene (iWSH), has once again established a platform for International and Local teams to participate and deliver improved hygiene and sanitation facilities for the STN Cicau 02 School in Cikarang, Indonesia.

The Nepal Village Health Improvement Program, established by Healthabitat in 2015, was used as a guide in addition to the 2015 Indonesian National Standarads (SNI). A new set of design principles, appropriate for the current project and location, were developed using the skills and expertise of the CPC team.


The contribution from local Indonesian Plumbing teachers and students was essential to the projects success and ensured CPC’s goal of community empowerment; encourage access to safe drinking water, functioning toilets and education of local residents and children.


Activities played with the school students and coordinated by the CPC team promoted health, hygiene, sanitation and the importance of plumbing and clean water supply. At a later stage a hand washing and teeth brushing program is hoped to be implemented.

CPC2017 Construction Week in November will be an seven-day program that combines global industry representatives with local expertise to deliver the work plan developed during CPC2017 Design Week


Link to video showing highlights from the week can be found here

More photos from the week can be found here