Change, change, change

July 8th, 2011

On the 30th of June 2011 Healthabitat ended a two-year contract with the Federal Government. These contracts for national Fixing Houses for Better Health work have been continuous since 1999. HH will not be stopping work … in fact the opposite … much more will be done both in Australia and overseas.

Stay in touch with this website as we are about to make some important announcements of the changes ahead and why they were needed. We will be giving lots of space to the following:

  • Why HH would not accept a new Federal Government contract? 
  • What happened to the Prime Minister’s National Policy Commission on Indigenous Housing? 
  • What is being built around Australia and what is the quality of the work? 
  • Why building more houses is not reducing crowding? 
  • Money, money and more money but what are the costs of the Indigenous housing being built? 
  • And how is the housing maintenance of the new ‘public housing model’ now the clear responsibility of state (and territory) governments for Indigenous people going?