Any further thoughts on Indigenous child abuse and house size?

April 29th, 2011

Our news story on the ‘National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing (NPAoRI) and the Northern Territory (NT) part of the program is becoming a collision of rising costs, the poorly founded promise of house build targets, falling house sizes and now child abuse’ got a few responses …mainly that you thought the news story to be a April Fools stunt.

Well no, we take the issue of child abuse seriously and have found no person able to substantiate the link between large house size and child abuse. Layout of the house or crowding may contribute but we are now prepared to call the recent reduction in the average size of houses being built in the NT under the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing is due to cost blow outs in the program and the Minister’s insistence that the build numbers are set in stone. Less money and the same new house build target = smaller houses. With a few years of the program still to run and rumours that costs are not being reduced in the program, we are interested to see the size of the houses built in the future.

Still keen to get your comments or thoughts!