All Housing for Health projects are on hold

September 9th, 2021

All Housing for Health Projects have been put on hold except for emergency repairs due to this latest COVID outbreak. There are over 13 active Housing for Health projects across NSW and NT affected.

All of these projects were being run according to COVID-19 safe measures and guidelines but were put on hold early July based on Health advice. Projects will resume again once it is safe to be entering communities and posing little risk to the health of all community members.

We have been in touch with some of our NSW based survey team members to check in on their health and wellbeing as COVID-19 spreads regionally. We are saddened to hear some are infected by COVID-19 and have been hospitalised. Healthabitat would like to acknowledge the immense role community members play in Housing for Health projects and the rich relationships we build working alongside one another. We send our thoughts out to them and their families during these very hard times.


March 2021 NSW Housing for Health Project Team


Once projects are able to resume, we encourage:

Vaccination – Healthabitat is encouraging all project staff and community members to consider vaccination as it is the best measure to keep our communities safe.

COVID safety – Ensure all projects continue to adhere to COVID-safe policies and plans as documented by relevant government health departments such as NSW Health

Good Hygiene – Ensure good hygiene is practiced according to COVID-safe plan and general hygiene practices are upheld


Some educational resources, toolkits and resources encouraging good hygiene practices, wellbeing, physical and mental health, vaccination and help for Aboriginal communities during this tough time include: