A tribute to Col James, 2nd March 2013

March 3rd, 2013

The Celebration of Col James started in the morning with a  quiet family ceremony in Victoria Park (under the shadow of the University of Sydney) and then a funeral procession through the closed streets of Redfern to the community centre in the heart of the famous Block.  The friends and colleagues of Col were invited to the afternoon Celebrations.

The cast of characters attending was as broad as could be imagined:  a mayor and several councillors, at least one current federal political minister, Aboriginal people from the local area and the Block,  Sydney and interstate, some of Australia’s leading architects and planners, writers, film makers, builders and tradespeople, musicians, bankers, journalists, asian scholars, international visitors from London and New York, historians, lawyers, health policy makers and practitioners, environmental health people, industrial and graphic designers, educators, artists young and old, unionists, retired politicians and fighters, several deputy vice chancellors, many, many students, past students and even a few would-be students, children and babies in mothers arms.

All were welcome, and all participated in the talks, movie screenings, music and food.

A sign up list was circulated to recruit those interested in meeting to design a fitting long standing tribute to Col. Ideas of a foundation, a scholarship, or seed grant etc will be discussed. If you were not there on the day, but wish to contribute, leave a comment in the section below and include a contact email address. Thanks.

The very short tribute was delivered, by a Healthabitat Director and long time friend of Col,  as a mark of respect for Col’s  family, his life and his work. Click here to download the brief tribute.

The Healthabitat family wish Col’s family and friends the best for the future and we hope the great work of Col can be continued.