Work continues in Nepal

March 31st, 2014

Following the Nepal Sanitation Studio 2014, exciting works have been continued by the local team.

There are many different works being completed concurrently in 3 villages. In the first village where toilet construction commenced, maintenance works have commenced and in the two villages where over the last few years new toilets have been built construction work is underway. Some of the work being completed is a direct flow on from the Sanitation Studios in 2013 and more recently 2014.

Construction of new toilets

First, the next round of 20 new toilets and wastewater system nears completion in mid April. this will complete works in the two villages and mean that in total three villages have now been completed.

Retro-fitting rainwater diverter systems to improve water quality

Next the rain water diverters, designed and tested in 2013, and selected for installation in January this year are now being retro-fitted progressively to the older toilets (and included as standard on all the new toilet construction). Over 30 toilets have now been retro-fitted.



Finally, maintenance required has been assessed, using a system developed by students in January 2014, and the necessary works completed by the local team in 20 toilets.

1. Bhatt A 1

Ongoing maintenance, by the local Nepali team, with a cash contribution by each family, ensures toilet function and the safe removal of human waste.

Nepal San Studio

Working toilets, improved quality of tank stored rainwater and wastewater systems that dispose of human waste safely will impact on the health of the local village residents.

D16 Family