Why design matters

July 9th, 2012

Lisa Cahill writes 

“Design is in everything we do and come across in our daily lives. Design supports, sustains and enriches us. Design decisions are made all the time unknowingly, by us, such as the choices we make about the route we take to work or the clothes we wear, or for us, the service systems at the bank or the post office, the layout of the supermarket and the school timetable.

Designers work across many areas and increasingly in collaboration with other designers and non-designers to enable better solutions to complex problems –fashion design, architecture, landscape architecture, planning and urban design, interior design, industrial, communications and graphic design, film, theatre and games design, visual arts, craft and media design, service and user experience design.

So many design disciplines working in areas that impact our daily lives and yet design is not well understood. Perhaps it is the pervasiveness of design that makes it invisible to us and indeed taken for granted.”