Water Innovation Challenge Day 2

The construction challenge was to install a water pump, solar panel to power the pump, shower head and storage vessel with a float switch to disconnect the pump when the tank is full.

As well as the construction work, manuals explaining how to construct and then how to maintain had to be produced.  After some tough assessments of the manuals produced on the work completed on Day 1, there was a great improvement in the quality of the manuals.

Start Day 2

Day 2 begins 

Team Oz Drain Pump And Diverter

Water Pumping To Shower

Team Australia fit the tank, pipework to the roof shower, float switch solar panel and water pump. When it all works …the water flows.

Judges Review Manuals Install Pumps And Rainwater

The Manuals are being reviewed.

Team Usa Pump Ch 2

Team Usa Tips The Bucket

Pump challenge and a win to Team USA

The Reporters

And the young reporting team continues their work

Team Oz Interviewed

The reporters interview Team Australia during construction.

The studio provided a good venue for discussion amongst visitors to the event. Lee Firth of NG Bailey in the UK gave a brief presentation of work completed in Mozambique.

Meeting In The Studio 2