Water Innovation Challenge Day 1

Day 1 of the Challenge involved construction, the production of construction and maintenance manuals and a team water pumping challenge.

The day started with a team briefing from WorldSkill Project Manager Grant Stewart and brief introduction from HH on the reasons that think the Challenge is important. Team USA and Team Australia then spent time setting up their work areas and checking tools and supplies provided for the Challenge.

Grant Day 1 Briefing

Team Oz Sorting Parts

Tools At The Ready

The first task was the assembly of a water hand pump that will be used in the PNG Sanitation Studio. During the construction the teams had to assemble of a manual that can be used by local community people to complete the pump installation.

Then the teams had to assemble a rainwater diverter system on a pre made shed and roof.

Gutter Diverter

The judges and support teams had a try at the pre-assembled hand pump to test their ability to fill a bucket in the fastest time. The scoreboard showed a competitive set of times and introduced what would be the end of day Team Water Pumping Challenge to test their pump installations.

Pump Testing And Leader Board

The support teams try their hand

The production of construction / assembly and maintenance manuals was a more considered task and the concentration was obvious.

Team Usa Finishing Manuals

Construction And Maintenance Manuals

The maintenance and construction manuals produced during the days work

Then the hand pump Challenge to see which team could pump 100 litres of water in the shortest time. A very narrow win by Team Australia. On all the tasks completed during the day the final competition scores were separated by less than 1%. A close contest with 2 days to go.

Team Oz Wc 1 Concentration

Team Australia pumping hard 

Team Oz Wc 1 Fill Bucket

Filling the 100 litre vessel that sat 4.5 metres from the pump