TOOLS: ‘Housing for Health – The Guide’, how do you use it?

June 14th, 2021

Do you know about the ‘Housing for Health – The Guide’ or perhaps you have forgotten how to use it?

Housing for Health – The Guide – Landing Page


What is it?: ‘Housing for Health – The Guide’ is an evidence based resource detailing the links between housing and health. It is a design and specification tool based on over 30 years of Housing for Health data.

What is its Purpose?: It gives guidance on designing, building and maintaining the living environment to improve safety and health and ensure a healthy living environment.

Who is it for?: It is for health professionals, Design professionals, Housing and Community managements, NGO’s, Government, manufacturers and students.

Navigating through Safety and the 9HLP’s one can find data, Design and Specification requirements and considerations, real world examples, quality control, maintenance requirements and timeframes and relevant building standards and References for a variety of components which make up a house.

All downloadable, the guide is your starting point for housing design and maintenance which ensures a healthy living environment for its occupants.


A Step by Step Scenario: I am designing a toilet area in a wet area design and want to know the design and specification controls and what I should think about as a part of a maintenance program.

Through 4 steps below, the links and images take you to The Guide, finding the toilet specifications and maintenance considers and how to export for off-line use.

1 – Navigate to The Guide >  HLP3 Removing waste water safely > B3.1 Flush Toilets

2 – Peruse ‘Flush Toilet’ Specifications & Maintenance considerations

3 – Download pdf

4 – Export for off-line use