The people – World Habitat Award Study Tour Nepal

An interesting cocktail…

Take people from eight countries – all of whom have spent years working on housing, health or development issues.

Now combine the hosts of the event : HH, the Building and Social Housing Foundation and Community Health and Development Society Nepal,

Mix with the local people of three villages where toilets have been built, and the handover of 10 toilets in two of the villages.

Garnish with lunches prepared by the villagers and tea made from water boiled with bio gas from the toilet waste systems.

Shake with school children attending the handover of improved toilets and teeth cleaning facilities 

Finally add perfect weather, the Himalayan range and a full moon and you get …. laughter, learning and an exciting week.

Read about some of the invited participants here. Thanks to Kabir, Jelly, Bishnu and Sandra for the pictures.

The Group

Nad Dhendup Shar Copy Peter Sumanthi Game


Meeting Anna Plus Jo Tal

Work Team And Committee Member

People Wha