The Ombudsman’s report on NT Housing

June 16th, 2012

The main findings of the report in the Executive Summary note:

Over the past two years, concerns about the implementation of the housing reforms have been a key source of complaints the Ombudsman’s office. Through investigations of these complaints, the Ombusdman’s office has identified areas in which further work by the Australian and NT governments would improve service delivery in remote Indigenous housing.

This report highlights a range of service delivery problems and provides recommendations to address them. Three thematic issues underlie the main problems—communication, IT systems support, and accountability and complaints processes. Our investigations indicated that improvements in these areas would enhance the housing reforms.

Interesting that there is no mention of housing quality, house function or exactly what is being delivered for Indigenous people to live in. 

Lets communicate better, have bigger and better IT systems and a streamlined complaints process … and continue to build houses that don’t function and complete poor quality upgrades on existing houses. 

Sounds like business as usual, with more more resources channelled into management and bureaucracy end of the housing process – or are we missing something.

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