The Anganwadi Project

November 11th, 2014

Last night (10/11/14) a group of volunteer architect’s who have been intimately involved with the Anganwadi Project, presented with passion at the Australian Institute of Architect’s NSW headquarters. The event, including an exhibition about the work, was a part of the 2014 Sydney Architecture Festival.

The work was simple, clear, well presented, and moving. 

Humble in scale and budget, the architectural volunteers spoke strongly about the importance of local involvement, community dynamics and the the process needed to achieve not just beautiful, working buildings but also the importance of achieving many longer term and more complex goals.

The audience was large, of a ‘younger’ demographic and highly appreciative of the work. All good signs for the future.

Visit the Anganwadi Project website to get the full story first hand. From all the HH team… well done.

2014 11 10 18.44.21 Hdr

A full and appreciative house at the AIA talk