Singing the health story

October 25th, 2013

The success of this first UPK music collection, with song themes including The Germ Song, Septic Tank song and the most famous the Shower Block Song, is now well documented. There have been a series of health related music albums.

Listen to the Shower Block Song and watch the video here.

Why then should we be surprised when during the recent Sanitation Workshop held in Bangladesh the regions singing team were invited to the workshop.

Coming on the last full construction day of the workshop the singing team crafted songs related to the ideas and principles underpinning the Sanitation Program.

The songs will engage local people in stories about why toilets are needed, how they work, why treating waste safely is as important as collecting the waste, the importance of washing and the illnesses prevented by having working wash areas and toilets.

The songs had humour, local quirks and spoke in a language and form known to the villagers

The songs will be used to promote the work in the participating villages.

The Bangladesh local singing team performing songs at the workshop.

Sing Team 2

Sing Team 1