Rumours of a ‘new’ National Indigenous Housing Guide?

November 21st, 2013

A contract being awarded to the Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT) to produce a new edition of the National Indigenous Housing Guide (the 4th?) was rumoured.

CAT produced the National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide (NIIG) so they are a credible player and HH has been lobbying for the 4th edition of the housing equivalemt (the NIHG) to be updated since 2009 when it was due.

We have a few questions to those working on the new NIHG.

  • How will the project be managed – a national review of the 3rd edition, a working group, public submissions etc?
  • Will the new NIHG retain the core issues of safety and all the 9 healthy Living Practices consistently used and developed since 1985? 
  • Will the new NIHG retain and add to the essential housing data, and more importantly, will the publication be driven by housing data?
  • Will the Australian government support the Guide in the face of historically consistent state and territory opposition to a national housing guide?
  • Will  Housing for Health –
    the Guide, recently produced and released by Healthabitat, be used or referenced in the new NIHG?
  • Will the new NIHG be better used (than the previous 3rd edition) to inform design and construction quality for the largest remote indigenous housing program in Australia’s history and consequently improve the basic function of new and upgraded houses?

Keen to hear some answers from anyone involved in the work and we offer this site as a venue for discussion and also offer any help to make the project a success.

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