Philanthropy, architectural education and the world

January 20th, 2015

The University of New South Wales have announced a partnership with Judith Neilson, director of Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery and philanthropist, who has endowed the institute with AUD10Million with the intention to propel architectural education into the land of the real.

“Architecture is often the domain of the very privileged, but it’s much more than that. We’re talking about socially transformative design and bringing about policy change” says Neilson.

Healthabitat is looking forward to seeing how the money translates into teaching programs, research and most importantly, change for those who need a safe and healthy living environment. Especially after we shared the sad news of the closure of Architecture for Humanity in the US.

Can architecture view the world more broadly and work with a new range of partners? Partners with those working in health, environmental health, industrial design, sociology, anthropology, science as well as the more traditional partners of planners, engineers, skilled trades and builders to produce new solutions.

The hard part … contributing to solutions that may not always result in a new building form or construction method, that will solve complex problems of wellbeing.

HH congratulates the University of NSW, the generosity of Ms Neilson and we look forward to the emerging results.