Pasta improves toilets !!!

October 22nd, 2012

The hosts for the lunch were Simon and Anna at Pasta Emilia, a well known maker pasta and other fine food.

An enthusiastic crowd ate good food and listened to tales about the connections and importance of teeth, toilets and the sanitation project in Nepal. 

Lively discussion followed as the ”WasteNotWantNot” team encouraged donations to help assist local village people in Nepal gain some basic health giving facilities. 

HH was struck by the knowledge of many of those attending about Nepal and development issues generally. The idea of the Nepal project being small and focussed … linking money directly to the problem … without extracting donated funds for overheads and management, was understood and appreciated by many attending the lunch.

On behalf of the villagers and our partners in Nepal (CHDS), HH warmly thanks those who attended the lunch, the detailed work of the organisers, and the staff and owners of the venue.

We will await the results of money raised!!!