More toilets for Nepal and two more villages completed

May 7th, 2014

In the largest single building stage completed under the Nepal Village Sanitation Program, 20 toilets were handed over to the families of two villages. 

This marks the end of works in the villages of Arubot and Dandagaun with a total of 74 toilets being completed in these villages.




Stage 6 Handover 

Another family now has a toilet 

The last 20 toilets were scattered over a large area and involved two teams walking for over 4 hours just to inspect and handover the toilets. The work involved in transporting all materials and tools by hand to all the sites for the construction works is hard to imagine. 

The construction quality was as high as at any time throughout the program and 20 more families (well over 100 people) are now enjoying the benefits of a working toilet, wastewater treatment, a convenient water supply and, for the majority of the families, biogas cooking.

Handover Meal 

The construction team and villagers celebrates the completion of Stage 6 with a lunch provided by the two villages 

Thanks to all the generous donors, the village committees, CHDS Nepal and the construction teams for their contribution to the project.

Toilet And House

The present : the toilet building, bio-gas animal dung churn and water tank located near the house.

To place the works into perspective a glimpse of the past and the type of makeshift toilet that served these villages just a few years ago.


The past : a makeshift toilet had little privacy or weather protection and polluted the surrounding land and water courses.