NEWS: Sago PNG toilet solves remote WA sanitation issues

Sago Dry Toilet gets trialled in WA along The Canning Stock Route

‘Waterless outback toilets solve sanitation problems and offer ‘huge possibilities for remote tourism’ as reported by ABC News 24 December 2023.


Images from Track Care WA/ Sago Network facebook showing the toilets along The Canning Stock Route


Long-term Healthabitat partner, Sago Network and their Papua New Guinea designed sanitation solution has made its way to Australia. The Sago Network has worked with Track Care WA to offer their developed toilet system. This system is sustainable, waterless and a permanent sanitation option for off-grid environments. It boasts durability, ease of transport and simple assembly, with all parts included in a complete kit.

Adaptable to any environment, the Sago Dry Toilet is suitable for communities facing challenges such as a high-water table or lack of accessible water. It contributes to improved hygiene standards which foster healthy living. Operating on a two-chamber system, the toilet functions on a cycle that alternates between tanks that are 6 months active and then 6 months at rest. The waste collected is converted to a dry sand-like fertiliser and can be safely used around fruit trees, flowers, or buried in the ground.

Read more on Sago Network’s Facebook. 

Congratulations Sago Network on the success of your sanitation solutions! An essential lesson we have learnt over many years is that trialling new ideas is important and most importantly to start on a small scale and objectively document results. This allows any issues to be rectified before rolling out solutions on a wide scale. We look forward to hearing how the trial goes.