New Website Launch!

February 26th, 2020

Welcome to Healthabitat’s new website!

A photo from a plane, 6000ft up in the air of the APY lands in South Australia, where, in 1985 Healthabitat began.

This new website combines both Healthabitat and Healthabitat O/S into one place. As of the end of 2019, we are one company known as Healthabitat (HH). All the existing content has been migrated across and is easier to find.

Firstly, big thanks to Jala Design who have been working hard in the background to ‘wrangle the beast’ that is over 30 years of knowledge onto one platform. And thank you to Sara Jinga of Jinga Design and Peter Salhani from Sparkkle who have generously donated their time to help with the new direction of this website.
If you are new to the website or HH, welcome:
  • The TED talk by HH’s late director Paul Pholeros will give you a good overview as to what HH does – scroll down the homepage.
  • You will be able to read about HH, our approach, and our principles on the What We Do page
  • If you would like to learn more about the impact HH has had over the years, you can read about it the NSW Ministry for Health Report that found a 40% reduction in hospital admissions in communities that HH’s Housing for Health program had operated in.
If you are a researcher, student, academic or policy maker:
  • Check out the Resources tab for access to:
    • Housing for Health – the Guide – for a specification tool that offers best practice design and construction for a healthy living environment based on 30 years of work.
    • Research and Development projects – for detailed projects that target specific Healthy Living Practices or Health Hardware.
    • Academic articles – Follow the links to the health database on Housing for Health – the Guide as well as resources from partners and other health sources.
    • Project Reports – These offer detailed project-specific information ready for download.
  • Projects – each project page has detailed information particular to each project with real-world examples about how to improve the living environment.
If you are interested:
  • Sign up for the HH Newsletter
  • Check out the past posts in News
  • Get back up to date with HH projects
If you are part of the HH team:
  • Thanks for all your hard work as always. Special thanks to Owen and Heleana and the team of testers.
  • Stay tuned to the News for what is happening across the country
  • If you have something you think should be said as a blog – get in touch.
To everyone, HH has always relied on a broad church of hardworking people. So yet again we ask for your help:
  • If you spot mistakes or have feedback on the website let us know.
  • If you have more resources we can add, let us know!

As part of re-creating the site, we re-read the series of articles we call “Big Issues” – once again we are reminded of these on-going issues today…we encourage you to take a look

The HH Team