New Housing Model for the NT?

July 30th, 2020

Positive first steps to community housing

In a first for the Northern Territory the four NT land councils met and agreed this week on a new community housing model for the NT.  Designed to replace the “NT’s failed public housing system with a new Aboriginal-controlled model for remote communities, homelands and town camps”, the land councils met with Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt and NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner to ask the federal and territory governments to commit to the new model.

Some excerpts from the Central Land Council’s Media Release.

“…returning responsibility for housing design, construction, maintenance and tenancy management to Aboriginal people is essential to closing the gap.”

“…a community housing system governed by Aboriginal people at the local, regional and NT levels that maximises Aboriginal employment and training and delivers professional and responsive services to all tenants.”

““It’s encouraging that Minister Wyatt is committed to working with us on housing reform. We welcome his support and call on whoever forms the next NT Government to commit to joining this effort.””

““We support the new model because we believe only Aboriginal accountability and control will resolve the national disgrace that is the current NT housing system,””