Nepal earthquake – update

April 29th, 2015

For the hundreds of people who have contacted HH and this website regarding news form the recent disaster in Nepal we provide the following update.

Generally, the lack of power and dispersed population has meant the extent of the damage and injury has been gradually building. The rainy / monsoon season is only a month away and this will increase the need for shelter and make sanitation even more critical. The chance of further landslip and erosion during the wet season will be high. 

On the areas where HH has worked we have had very preliminary reports from villagers and the Nepal manager that all 3 villages where sanitation works have been completed have had major damage. There has been no formal assessment or detailed information as yet.

The photo at the start of this news item show the forecourt of the Dhulikhel Hospital that is central to the 3 communities where sanitation works have been completed. This is a major hospital of a very high standard and is well equipped and well managed. The chaos evident is the picture tells the true story.

At the site of the current works in the  Jalapadevi school, near Bahunepati / Melamchi there has been significant damage.

HH was due to return to the current project in May but, in discussion with our on Nepal manager, we have to assess what such a visit could achieve. 

HH is working with our Nepal, Australian and International partners to plan where we help and how. For all the many individuals, families and groups who have contributed to past projects and have now expressed their concern and a willingness to help;

We are raising funds through the Nepal Rotary Village Development Project, to help the villagers in their recovery.  

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