Learning from Nepal

July 5th, 2012

When negotiating with a new project to improve toilets, hand washing and teeth cleaning facilities for a school serving 400 children the often ‘unseen’ process conducted by the Nepal team to gain local understanding and trust can go un-noticed.

It was the breadth of a program linking ‘toilets and teeth’ that first revealed the chronic lack of facilities at the school.

CHDS is also managing toilet programs in two villages near the school (see news item and the Nepal pages on this site) and this has established community trust by demonstrating what is promised will be delivered.

The images here revel just some of the community liaison and technical skills required to establish any project. Budgets, time lines and clear communications between all parties indicating what each party to the contract will deliver.

HH thinks we all have much to learn about from the way CHDS goes about implementing programs.