Joe Madiath explains … ‘better toilets better life’

January 27th, 2015

In a recently recorded TED talk, Joe Madiath makes a strong case for the importance of removing human waste safely using passion, humour and a lifetime of work.

Joe Madiath is an extraordinary character –“ I’m a guy who has graduated from bullshit to full-shit”.

 HH was fortunate to spend time with Joe when he was an invited guest of the World Habitat Award study. Spending time with the Nepal Village Sanitation Program Joe contributed his experiences from India and his ideas for improving the Nepal program. His lifetime of work in India is inspirational and this short talk reveals a glimpse of how Joe, and a very large local team, go about their work. 

He strongly refutes the idea that ‘poor people deserve poor solutions’ with words and actions.

See his TED talk by clicking here.