HH remembers Mr Bal Ram Tamang, village leader Nepal

December 13th, 2011

Mr Bal Ram Tamang was an important leader in Bhattedande village Nepal, where the sanitation project has been run by CHDS over the last few years. He was strong supporter of the project and Healthabitat send our sympathy and best wishes to his family and all the members of the village. 

After 20 toilets (of the final 58)  had been built, he wrote a strong letter to Healthabitat about the importance of the project and the urgent need for change rather than empty promises.  A part of the letter (as translated) is reproduced here.

Date 03 July 2008
Bhattedanda village is located 30km east from the capital city Kathmandu of Nepal. In the month of Chait, 2043 BS (Feb 1987 AD), Bhattendanda village was establish as Dhulikhel Municipality ward No.#1.
Since then the people from the village has being requesting for the toilet program to the municipality as well as different national and international non government organisations (NGO’s). The people have only received the promises but the program never came. The people living with the hope that one day or other: the toilet program will come for the benefit of this community