Healthabitat thanks the Australian Institute of Music (AIM)

When Molly MacDiarmid first called Rotary (a key partner in the Nepal Sanitation Program) and said she was studying at the AIM, the link between music and the Sanitation Program was not clear.

Molly explained that a course at AIM required managing an end of year student event, and that any funds raised from the event could be allocated to support a suitable project. The student group chose to support the program in Nepal.

Through AIM support, lecturers who were enthusiastic, students / musicians and a keen crowd the event was a great success.

On the 28th of February AIM handed a cheque for $4,000, made out to Rotary Australia World Community Service*,  to representatives from Healthabitat and Rotary to help build more toilets in Nepal.

Thanks to the AIM Family and all those involved and the creative use of a course that can be used to educate students in Australia and also benefit others in Nepal.

Aim 2

L to R:  Rob Cannon,  Molly MacDiarmid,  Mark Ashton

*The Nepal Village Development Project has been accredited by Rotary Australia World Community Service.