Cheap gifts – the $80 toilet ??

November 27th, 2011

More importantly, what were the details of the toilet… we found this description

Help improve health with sanitation and protection from waterborne diseases. Providing someone with a toilet, plus hygiene education, can help prevent needless deaths from diarrhoea and waterborne diseases and improve life for an entire community.

We agree with the principles that align with Healthy Living Practice 3  but no mention of treating the waste or hand washing? No mention of materials, local involvement, design, maintenance or in fact any details.

No one can argue the worthy goals but how they are achieved has to be part of the story. See the HH Nepal toilet project for what we think are essential details.

In the Nepal project $80 will buy the small water tank and the toilet roofing iron and gutter to collect the water essential for dip flushing and hand washing. It won’t buy the toilet walls, door, pan, pipes, taps, and most importantly the underground waste treatment system, either biogas or septic.

Who is getting the Xmas gift?

As always HH is happy to hear the World Vision Australia side and keen to learn how to make improvements to the living environment more affordable.

We welcome anyone to look at the Sanitation project running in Nepal and tell us what you think in this blog post?