Career pathways – plumbers challenge to challenge

The Community Plumbing Challenge (CPC) commits to combining multi-discipline teams, with a cross-section of expertise. Its aim has been to provide a skills pathway and career options for Plumbing apprentices and professionals. Because the CPC always involves local residents and hands on training, many of them have an opportunity to upskill and transfer knowledge at the next challenge.

HH is happy to see some familiar faces at the Navajo Nation CPC including Range Lorge, Lead team of the USW team at CPC Challenge in India in 2015, Obed Kakae WASSUP South Africa, Jed Scheuermann IWSH Foundation, Grant Stewart IWSH Foundation.

Plumbers are essential health workers, as we’ve seen across all projects both in Australia and abroad.

From Top left:

Dd Report Team Randy Dd Report Team Obed  Dd Report Team Grant

Randy Lorge – Plumber Lead the USA team at the CPC Challenge in India in 2015 and has been committed since.

Obed Kekae WASSUP Deipsloot South Africa – coordinator and plumber ZA

Grant Stewart IWSH Foundation – Grant is a WorksSkills Champion and has been a driving force behind all Community Plumbing Challenges.

Jed Scheuermann IWSH Foundation – Jed has been involved in Healthabitat projects in Nepal, South Africa and the Navajo